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13 Oct 2023
How to upload a Submission in response to a CBD Notification? (video)

Submission (SUB) common format is used to create submissions from Parties, other Governments or relevant organizations in response to notifications issued by the Secretariat.

16 Aug 2023
All VIDEOs about BCH

Compilation of short videos describing different features of the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH).

23 Nov 2021
What are Email Alerts and “My saved searches”? (video)

 “My saved searches” feature, available on the Search page, allows users to store search filter sele

23 Nov 2021
Fourth National Report: Questions and Answers

This page provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the preparation and submission of Fourth National Reports.

23 Nov 2021
What type of users can submit information in the BCH?

Most of the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH) pages are in public domain. However, to submit, update or

23 Nov 2021
Where can I find ‘Help’ to use the BCH? (video)

The Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH) provides various help tools to assist with website navigation.

23 Nov 2021
Building a "genetic element construct"

A genetic elements construct is a representation of the gene cassettes present in a given LMO. These

23 Nov 2021
What are Country Profiles and how do I view them?

The Country Profiles drop down menu on the top navigation bar allows users to select a country and d

23 Nov 2021
What does the “Compare” button mean? (video)

The Compare button is seen when you open a record on the Search page or from the summary list that i

23 Nov 2021
Viewing record history (video)

You can view the history of a record either through the Dashboard or in Search.

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