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Regional Online Real-time Conferences

The real-time conferences have now concluded – thanks to all who took part. The transcripts from the conferences are available via the links to the different regions on the menu to the left of this page.

Paragraph 24 of decision BS-V/3 requests the Executive Secretary to convene regional online conferences to:

(i) facilitate the exchange of views, information and experiences on socio-economic considerations on a regional basis; and

(ii) identify possible issues for further consideration.

Conference documents

The official documents for the Real-time Conferences are the same for all of the conferences. They are available as follows:
  • Provisional Agenda: en / es / fr
  • Annotations to the Provisional Agenda: en / es / fr
  • Socio-Economic Considerations: Summary of Submissions Received from Parties, Other Governments and Relevant Organisations: en

The documents are also available via the web page for each of the real-time conferences, which can be accessed through the CBD's calendar of meetings.