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Workshop on Detection and Identification of Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) 2013

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Strategic Plan for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety [#5536]
In decision BS-V/16, the COP-MOP adopted the Strategic Plan for implementation of the Protocol for the period 2011-2020. The Strategic plan aims to assist Parties in developing a long term vision for the Protocol, to provide additional guidance and clarify procedures and processes in a number of areas, such as the detection and identification of LMOs.

Among the outcomes set out by the Strategic Plan, the following are relevant to LMO detection and identification:
- Easy to use and reliable technical tools for the detection of unauthorized LMOs are developed and made available (under Focal Area 1, Operational Objective 1.6);
- Guidance developed to assist Parties to detect and take measures to respond to unintentional releases of living modified organisms (under Focal Area 1, Operational Objective 1.8); and
- Personnel are trained and equipped for sampling, detection and identification of LMOs (under Focal Area 2, Operational Objective 2.3).

During the workshop participants will be invited to develop a detailed “plan of action” to assist Parties torwards each of the outcomes above.  A set of recommendations will also be developed during the workshop identifying possible key players and specific activities to assist in the implementation of the plan of action.

During this discussion participants are invited to familiarise themselves with the relevant sections of the Strategic Plan (http://bch.cbd.int/protocol/issues/cpb_stplan_txt.shtml) as well as to take this opportunity to pose questions regarding the workshop.
posted on 2013-11-18 16:27 UTC by Dina Abdelhakim, SCBD