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Online Discussions: Review of a module on public education regarding LMOs

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Online forum on public education regarding LMOs [#8223]
Dear participants,

We are pleased to inform you that an Online Forum on Public Education regarding LMOs will take place from 3-21 April 2017 in the BCH at http://bch.cbd.int/onlineconferences/portal_art23/pe_forum.shtml. The public education forum will include online discussions on a series of themes on the “Review of a module on public education regarding LMOs”. The comments will be incorporated into the production of an e-learning module on public education regarding LMOs for the new SCBD E-Learning Platform.

We welcome you to also identify and invite educational institutions, which have experience in facilitating public education regarding LMOs, to participate in the forum.
In the preparations, you are encouraged review the best practices and lessons learned in the resource section for the online forum at http://bch.cbd.int/onlineconferences/portal_art23/pe_resources.shtml and contact the Secretariat to engage in regional partnerships with the partner listed at http://bch.cbd.int/onlineconferences/portal_art23/pe_partners.shtml.

The participants are expected to further facilitate the implementation of the Programme of Work and its priority areas/activities adopted at COP-MOP 8.

We would like also to take this opportunity to invite you to enroll in the two new e-learning modules on access to information and public participation regarding LMOs at https://scbd.unssc.org/ 

Active participants in all the activities may also be selected to upcoming workshops and training courses on public awareness, education and participation, including access to information, regarding LMOs on the priority areas/activities of the Programme of Work.

Best regards,
Ulrika Nilsson
(edited on 2017-03-17 00:41 UTC by Ulrika Nilsson)
posted on 2017-03-17 00:03 UTC by Ms. Ulrika Nilsson, UNEP/SCBD/Biosafety