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PAEP AP Information Board

Kindly participate in the online Conference on PAEP April 28- May 09, 2014 [#5786]
Dear Asia-Pacific Network fellow participants, pls be informed that the upcoming online conference will start up next week on April 28, 2014 and it will last till May 09, 2014. Please grasp you opportunity to share experiences on PAEP that you agency have undertaken in terms of how communities involve in the process of PAEP in the CPB and whu should should we get them involved in that process. Also, if you have a short video on PAEP, you contact CBD staff for help to share with all of us.
Details of themes will be announced Ms. Ulrika Nilsson.

Pisey Oum, Cambodia MOE/ NSCB Sec.
posted on 2014-04-23 03:25 UTC by Mr. Meng Monyrak, Cambodia
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