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Detection and Identification Online Discussions 2019

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Topic 3

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Mexico´s National Reference Centre for GMO Detection [#10061]
In my opinion, there is sufficient capacity in Mexico to carry out the LMO detection and identification process, there is infrastructure, installed capacity, experience and commitment from the Ministry of Agriculture.
The challenge we face today is the lack of positive controls in the case of alerts for leaks of genetically modified material, as well as the lack of knowledge for the detection of components and products of synthetic biology
In 2019, a theoretical and practical training will be carried out on the analysis of GMOs to two officials from Peru from September 23 to 27, to 4 officials from Venezuela from October 21 to November 1, and from December 2 to 6 Training is planned for a person from Colombia, with the objective of supporting them to implement or improve the capacity of GMO analysis in their countries.
The organizations of which we are aware that it is a global level of actions to improve the capacity of GMO detection and identification analysis is the CBD Secretariat and the JRC.

Where should efforts be focused to improve the global capacity on detection and identification of LMOs?
* reference materials or positive controls
* training in new subjects
* publication of guide documents

I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this forum, which allowed us to have an overview of the context of each country and the possibility of joining efforts to improve global capacity in this area.
Congratulations to the Secretariat for the effort and success of this forum.
posted on 2019-11-08 23:01 UTC by M. en S. MARIA GUADALUPE BARRERA ANDRADE, Mexico