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The Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee is composed of 15 members nominated by Parties and elected by the COP-MOP on the basis of three members from each of the five regional groups of the United Nations. The members of the Committee shall serve objectively and in a personal capacity.

The Committee shall receive, through the Secretariat, submissions relating to compliance from:
  1. any Party with respect to itself; and
  2. any Party, which is affected or likely to be affected, with respect to another Party.

The Compliance Committee may take a number of measures with a view to promoting compliance and addressing cases of non-compliance. These include:
  1. providing advice or assistance to the Party concerned;
  2. making recommendations to the COP-MOP regarding the provision of financial and technical assistance, technology transfer, training and other capacity building measures; and
  3. requesting or assisting the Party concerned to develop a compliance action plan regarding the achievement of compliance with the Protocol within a timeframe to be agreed upon between the Committee and the Party.

The COP-MOP may, upon the recommendations of the Compliance Committee, decide upon one or more of the following measures:
  1. provide financial and technical assistance;
  2. issue a caution to the concerned Party;
  3. request the Executive Secretary to publish cases of non-compliance in the Biosafety Clearing-House; and
  4. in cases of repeated non-compliance, take such measures as may be decided by the COP-MOP at its third meeting.