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Role of the Compliance Committee in assisting Parties

The Compliance Committee is available to help Parties to fulfil their obligations under the Protocol.

The Committee is made up of legal and technical experts from the different geographical regions covered by the Protocol. All the members of the Committee have experience in implementing the Protocol in their own countries.

The types of help that the Committee can offer include:

  • Identifying opportunities for bilateral and regional cooperation;
  • Identifying capacity-building opportunities, training courses and available tools on the BCH;
  • Assisting with the identification of organizations and projects that can help;
  • Sharing information on lessons learned and best practices in implementation, including in monitoring and reporting;
  • Providing information on possible sources of funding;
  • Recommending to the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Protocol to provide assistance to individual or groups of Parties;
  • Recommending priority areas for GEF funding;
  • Advising on the availability of the roster of experts and the possible use of experts from that roster;
  • Clarifying use of terms and procedures.

The Committee provides advice and assistance in a simple, facilitative, non-adversarial and cooperative way, paying particular attention to the special needs of developing countries and taking into full consideration the difficulties they face in the implementation of the Protocol.

The Secretariat may also be able to assist Parties regarding the basic requirements for national legal frameworks.

The Committee can be contacted through the Secretariat, or individual members can be contacted directly.