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Information for Participants


  • The Online Network of Laboratories for the Detection and Identification of Living Modified Organisms is open to all interested participants from LMO detection laboratories but they must be registered in the Network in order to contribute to the online discussions.
  • Nominations of experts to the Network are accepted on an ongoing basis, as per notification SCBD/BS/CG/KG/DA/77120.
  • Participants can register as follows:
    1. If your organisation is NOT registered in the BCH please fill in the online common format for “Biosafety Organization, including Laboratory for detection and identification of LMOs” (log-in required). An offline version of the common format (log-in required) is also available for download to assist users to gather and organize the necessary information prior to submission.
    2. If your organisation IS registered in the BCH please contact the Secretariat to complete your registration procedure
    3. To find out whether or not your organisation is registered with the BCH please search our records for Organizations involved in Biosafety Activities.

Technical note about posting and receiving messages

  • To share comments with the forum, please sign-in to the BCH with your registered BCH email address, click on the title of the message you wish to reply to, and then click the reply button at the bottom of the message;
  • All messages posted to the forum will also be sent via email to the address registered on the BCH profile of all participants;
  • Participants may also reply via email by using the link marked "Reply" provided at the bottom of the email message you received from the forum (please do not use the reply button of your email as you normally would to send a reply). Alternatively, you may follow the link "See this post in the online forum" and click on the "Reply" button at the end of a posting;
  • To stop receiving future postings by e-mail, you may click on the “Stop Watching” button.