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Discussion Group 1

Draft Report on the Independent Evaluation of the Action Plan

Under this discussion group, participants are invited to provide feedback and general comments on the draft report on the independent evaluation of the capacity-building Action Plan prepared by a Consultant. In particular, participants are invited to express their views on the main findings and recommendations presented in the draft report.

Among other things, the draft report recommends that two documents be prepared to replace the current Action Plan, i.e. (i) a Framework for Capacity-Building under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, which would be a more elaborated reference/guidance tool largely based on the current Action Plan; and (ii) a Capacity-Building Action Plan for the Effective Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, which would be a results-oriented global plan of action with a prioritised list of specific actions, targets and a limited number of indicators, closely aligned with the strategic ojective and operational objectives under focal area 2 of the Strategic Plan for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (2011-2020) adopted by the COP-MOP at its fifth meeting. Participants are invited to express their opinions on whether they support this particular recommendation and if so make proposals on the possible structure and content of the two documents.

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Prioritization of areas for capacity building

Go to the ongoing discussion:
Draft Report on the Independent Evaluation of the Action Plan
(open till 2 March 2012)

The comments may include, for instance:
  1. General comments on the draft report (including any major omissions or factual errors) and suggestions for improvements to the text and/or structure of the report (For specific proposed textual changes, download the draft report and use the "Track changes" to add the suggested changes directly to the text. You may also use the "Add comment" function under the "Insert" or "Review" tab to make general comments or to explain the rationale behind your suggested changes) and then upload the tracked document by clicking the "Choose file" button at the bottom of the discussion page.
  2. Views on whether two separate documents should be produced to replace the current Action Plan as proposed in the recommendations of the draft report and, if yes, suggestions for the contents of the documents.
  3. Suggestions of relevant background materials, reference documents or reports that may to be used in the development of the above documents, as appropriate.

Ongoing discussion

This discussion group will take place from 20 February to 9 March 2012 (1:00am GMT).

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Background document

Download the Evaluation report:
Short version:
(without annexes)
  MS Word   PDF
Complete version:
(including annexes)
  MS Word   PDF

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