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Past Activities 2016-2018

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CNRDOGM Mexico [#9217]
Dear colleagues,

It´s a great effort this discussion, but i think it´s necessary more time for every module
and include all the information, or maybe a particular discussion for only one module.
At this time, much countries have a really good level for LMO detection, and we use this information to go the next step.
We add specific comments and suggestions directly in the text.
posted on 2018-04-13 18:49 UTC by M. en S. MARIA GUADALUPE BARRERA ANDRADE, Mexico
This is a reply to 9217 RE: CNRDOGM Mexico [#9220]
Thank you for your comments on the table on page 8 of the document.  We also had some concern about this table, and hope that the comments and edits to the document that were posted as #9148 will help address these issues.  I agree that using the term DNA is confusing (because of LAMP and other rapid methods, and suggest that we should use the term PCR in this table and elsewhere instead of 'DNA', and also expand on the section dealing with isothermal DNA methods.

Thank you,
posted on 2018-04-13 19:49 UTC by Dr Raymond Shillito, BASF Corporation